The 11th of November 2018 marked Poland’s 100th anniversary of regaining independence. This landmark date was celebrated far and wide, and commemorated by the Institute Adam Mickiewicz (IAM), funded by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

IAM commissioned a series of films to be shown at the celebrations. They tell the stories of #PolishIcons who accomplished great feats and shaped Polish arts and culture during the decades after the country gained independence.

IAM promotes Polish culture throughout the globe, and one of their key audiences is the huge Polish diaspora in the USA, UK and other Anglophone countries.

That’s where I come in. Although I speak a little rudimentary Polish (a work in progress), I’m pretty handy with English – which is what the institute needed. I’ve written many film and voiceover scripts in my professional life. And it’s always a pleasure to research and write about a subject as interesting as Polish history, so I accepted the assignment gladly.

As always, it was wonderful to work with IAM, and this is a project I’m very proud to have been a part of. Among the films’ narrators (or ‘lektors’ po Polsku) is one of Warsaw’s most recognisable voices – he appears in automated audio announcements throughout the city’s public transport system. He and the other voiceover artists brought my words to life in fine style.

  • Client: Institute Adam Mickiewicz
  • Project: Short films
  • Skills: Scriptwriting
  • Year: 2018