Digital network architecture is a pretty techy topic. Cisco wanted to cut the complexity and reach their business-to-business audience in an engaging, accessible way.

I devised and scripted a series of short films that explained the benefits of Cisco DNA in the style of school science experiments.

We produced them all in house, with a challenging budget, doing all our own filming, voice-overs and more. Some of the ‘experiments’ required real ingenuity: did you know you can make your own PH testing solution using cabbages? And building the mechanical hand took some trial and error.

In the end, we took the brief far beyond the client’s expectations, and they’re even showing our work to other teams worldwide as an example of ‘best practice’.

  • Client: Cisco
  • Project: Films and social media activity
  • Skills: Scriptwriting, web and social copy
  • Year: 2016